CITIZENS’ CHARTER FOR DPDOs A Citizens' charter for the DPDOs,

are displayed by all DPDOs in their offices to facilitate the pensioners to

comprehend their rights and duties

Service Offered


Service Standard (Time Frame)

1.Payment of

i)           DCRG

ii)         CVP

iii) Monthly Pension







2. Automatic authorisation of increased Dearness Relief instalments on pension.









3. Issue of Duplicate Pension Certificate in case of loss or completion thereof.






4) Payment of arrear claims of pension including time-barred claims.












Every pensioner is entitled to receive DCRG, CVP & Pension from the month following the date of his retirement.








  1.The pensioner is entitled to Dearness Relief on pension as well as increased DR instalments announced by the Govt. from time to time.

2.  Re-employed pensioners who have retired from a Group ‘A',Commissioned Officer post are not entitled to Dearness Relief on pension.

3.   Re-employed pensioner of other categories is entitled to get Dearness Relief on pension subject to production of a Certificate from his re-employer stating that he was not holding a Group ‘A’,Commissioned Officer’s post before his retirement, his pay on re-employment has been fixed at the minimum of the scale and no part of his pension has been taken into account for fixation of pay.

1.) The pensioner is entitled to obtain a duplicate PC from the DPDO on loss/ completion. In case of loss, duplicate PC will be issued on producing a copy of FIR alongwith Rs. 1/- as fine.

2) Duplicate PC in First-pension cases is to be issued by Pension Sanctioning Authority concerned.

3) In case of completion of PC, duplicate PC will be issued free of cost on return of completed PC to the DPDO.

A pensioner is entitled to the payment of time-barred arrear claims if the sanctioning authority is satisfied that there was no neglect to draw pension. Application for time-barred arrear claims may be submitted by the pensioner on form IAF-(CDA)-651. Powers of the DPDO to sanction time-barred arrear claims are as under :

i)PBOR and their families upto 5 years from the last payment.

ii)Commissioned officers, Civilians and their families upto 3 years from the last payment.

In case of non-drawal of even 1st pension DPDO can sanction arrear claims upto 1 year only. CDA(PD) will accord sanction for all claims beyond above limits. PCDA(P), Allahabad will give sanction where the pensioner has changed his nationality.

1.Call letter for 1st pension will be issued by DPDO within one week of receipt of PPO in his office.

2.Payment will be made to the pensioner on the date mentioned in call letter subject to submission of documents mentioned in the call letter.

3.Monthly pension cheques will be despatched by 25th of each month to the banks for credit by the last day to the pensioners’ accounts by Bank. (For March, pension credit will be operated on the 1st working day of April.)

4. Monthly pension will be paid in cash in the first week of the following month to cash pensioners.

5.The dates for cash pension will be displayed in advance on the Notice Board of the DPDO _

1.)  DR instalment is payable in the month following the month of issue of Govt. orders for increase. Increase in DR generally is given twice a year through the Pension Schedules for April/May and for Oct./Nov.(Subject to issue of Govt. orders).










1.  Duplicate PC will be issued on the same day if held in stock by the DPDO, if out of stock, it will be sent to the pensioner by Regd. Post within one month of applying.


2. In case  duplicate P.C. is to be issued by the PSA concerned, the same will be issued within two months of applying.





Time within which time-barred claims will be passed (subject to the fulfilment of all conditions and completion of all formalities by the pensioner) :-

1.) Where DPDO is the sanction authority – 10 days from the date of submission.

2.) Where CDA(PD) is the sanctioning authority 45 days from the date of submission.

3.)Where PCDA (P), Allahabad is the sanctioning authority (nationality change cases) – 60 days from the date of submission.

5.Payment of Life Time Arrears Claim including time-barred LTA Claims.




















6.Restoration of Commuted portion of pension.



7. Acceptance of Life Certificates: from reemployed pensioners in lieu of personal identification.



8. Annual identification of pensioners.





9.Payment of family pension in joint notification cases.







10. Revision of pension on receipt of Corrigendum PPOs.

On death of a pensioner, his nominee/legal heir is entitled to receive Life Time Arrears of the deceased pensioner. In case of NBS pensioners, LTA will be paid to the legal heir of the pensioner by bank on applying on Form IAF(CDA)-652.

In case where the deceased pensioner’s NBS account has already been closed and in case of Cash pensioners, LTA Claim will be submitted by DPDO on receipt of application form IAF(CDA)-652 from the legal heir of the pensioner.

Powers of the DPDO to sanction L.T.A. Claims :

1. Commissioned Officer, their families, civilian pensioners and their families - upto 1 year from the date of Pensioner’s death.

2.  PBOR, their families and Gallantry awardees and their heirs – upto 3 years from the date of death of pensioner’s death.

CDA(PD) has full powers of sanction beyond the above limit.

P.C.D.A.(P), Allahabad is the sanctioning authority in case of PBOR & their families where the name of the deceased pensioner has been struck off the pension establishment for non drawal of pension for more than 3 years.


The pensioner is entitled to restoration of commuted portion of pension after 15 years from the date of the reduction of pension becomes effective on commutation . The pensioner may apply to the DPDO in the prescribed form.


Pensioner re-employed in any Govt., Public Sector Under-taking, Bank, etc. is authorised to submit a Life Certificate signed by his re-employer instead of appearing before the DPDO personally for identification. Such Life Certificate must be sent by Registered Post.


Every pensioner is required to appear before the DPDO for identification once in a cycle of 12 months to give proof of his existence. He/she is required to bring his/her Discharge Certificate and/or  Pension Certificate with him/her.



Family pensioners are entitled to receive pension from the date following the date of death of  service/superannuation pensioner. Pension to family pensioners will be resumed in joint  notification cases by the DPDO on production of death certificate of the original pensioner. In case of non-joint notification cases, the family pensioner has to apply to the PSA through Record Office/Head of Office for issue of family pension PPO.


Every pensioner is entitled to revision of his pension from the date of effect mentioned in Corr. PPO issued by Pension Sanctioning Authority.

Time within which LTA claim will be passed (subject to the fulfilment of all formalities by the legal heir of the deceased pensioner):

i)                    Where DPDO is the sanctioning authority – 10 days from the date of submission.

ii)                   Where CDA(PD) is the sanctioning authority – 45 days from the date of submission.

iii)                 Where P.C.D.A.(P), Allahabad is the sanctioning authority – 60 days from the date of submission. 















Commuted portion of pension will be restored within two months of date of application by the pensioner.



If a Life Certificate is received by the DPDO within 2 months from the date of last identification /date of last Life Certificate, pension will not be suspended.





The pensioner will be identified within one hour of registering his name with the identification/enquiry clerk.





Pension to family pensioner will be resumed within one month from the receipt of death certificate of the original pensioner in joint notification cases subject to completion of all other formalities by the family pensioner. In non-joint notification cases, pension will be paid within one month of receipt of PPO from the PSA.





The pensioner’s entitlement will be revised within one month of receipt of Corr. PPO by the DPDO.




11. Transfer of Pension Account :to other DPDO, Public Sector Bank or Treasury.


12. Release of withheld gratuity.



13. Nomination facility for L.T.A.


14. Furnishing of Form 16 to the pensioners regarding payment of Income Tax.

The pensioners may submit an application alongwith Pension Certificate to the DPDO for transfer of their Pension Account to Pension Disbursing Agency of their choice.


Every Civilian pensioner is entitled to release of withheld portion of DCRG after six months of commencement of pension.



The pensioner can nominate his heir for claiming his Life Time Arrears after his death.


The pensioner is entitled to get Form 16 from the DPDO in case of Tax deduction at source from pension.

Within one week of submission of application.




Withheld portion of DCRG to be released after 6 months of commencement of pension without any application from pensioner.



Nomination entered in DPDO’s record within 10 days of receipt of the requisite application in the prescribed form.


Form 16 to be provided in the month of April every year on demand.



1.)  It will be our endeavor to adhere to the service standards mentioned above. However, in case of any problem or deficiency in service, the pensioners are requested to meet the DPDO In-charge, if they are not satisfied with the services of the DPDO, they may write to the Grievance Officer i.e. Zonal Officer(PD), whose address is displayed on the Notice Board of the DPDO.

2.) They may also write to JCDA(PD), office of the CDA(PD), Ayudh Path, Meerut Cantt, who is the Chief Grievance Officer for the Organisation of CDA(PD), Meerut.

3.) All the pensioners are requested to refer to the Guidelines for the pensioners displayed on the Notice Board for further guidance.

4.) The pensioners are requested to see the Enquiry Clerk for further information.

5.) All types of pension disbursement related application forms are normally available with the Enquiry Clerk. A copy of relevant application form can be obtained from him free of charge.

It is necessary that Defence Pensioners are treated with consideration and care is taken to prevent delays and inconvenience when they visit the PDAs for receiving their pensions.

Advantages of New Banking Scheme ( N.B.S.):          The Scheme which was introduced in the DPDOs in 1983-84, has not only stood  the test of time, but has been improved over the years with lots of simplification of procedures and better services for the pensioners.  This N.B.S. Scheme overscores other similar schemes. The basic documents, i.e. PPOs and Discriptive Rolls etc, of the pensioners are held in the office of the DPDOs. The scheme is optional for the pensioners and not mandatory.  The Scheme envisages opening of a Savings Bank Account by the pensioner in any of the Public Sector/Gramin Banks of his choice. Due to availability of the documents of the pensioners with the DPDOs the revision of the pension is faster. 


Easy identification of pensioners: In regard to annual identification of a pensioner, which is mandatory under the pension rules, the pensioner does not have to visit the NBS bank branch for this purpose.  He normally comes to the DPDOs office for his identification and in almost 80% of cases, the DPDOs organise identification camps in nearby stations, where there is concentration of pensioners.  In any case, the pension can not be stopped by the NBS  bank branches, unless authorised by the concerned DPDOs. Bank related problems of the pensioners are sorted out with the help of the DPDOs. 


The adjustment and disbursement of dearness relief is very fast in respect of the DPDOs where the computerised NBS schedules/cheques are sent to the bank branches either in the same or in the next month of announcement of the dearness relief by the Government.  As result of a recent effort of the Department,  the DPDOs are issuing monthly pension cheques by the 21st of the month so as to ensure that the pensioners’ accounts are credited by the last day of the month.


Faster revision of pension: As regards the adjustment of the Corr. PPOs are concerned, our EDP Centres are getting Corr. PPOs from the PCDA (P), Allahabad through magnetic media and sending the print out  of the Corr. PPO  to the DPDOs, who  normally adjust the Corr. PPO in the same or the next month.


Easy transfer of account :  Another advantage of the NBS scheme is that transfer of account from one bank to another under the same DPDO is very fast and does not involve the transfer of any document.


Information for the pensioners:          Every DPDO is having an Inquiry Clerk who is always accessible to the pensioners.  The Inquiry Clerk not only gives the latest information on the pension orders/rules/procedures, as promulgated by the Govt. of India or the PCDA (P), Allahabad, apart from supplying the pensioners with the requisite formats of certificates/forms etc., as required under the Pension Regulations/Rules.


Expertise on pension in DPDOs :          The DPDO is perhaps the best pension disbursing authority,  which  is rich in the knowledge and application of the same in respect of  the complicated pension related rules/procedures as well as its sanction and disbursement.  The Officers and staff are in a position to guide the pensioner as to how to get his actual entitlement sanctioned and disbursed.  They are also in a position to give clarification to the pensioners to the real satisfaction of the pensioners.  The other pension disbursing agencies do not give the priority to pension disbursement since they have priorities other than pension disbursement also, unlike the DPDOs where the only priority is disbursement of the pension to the pensioners.


On the spot redressal of the pensioners’ grievances :          There are two types of Pension Adalat systems where the grievances of the pensioners are settled on the spot.  One is called the “Regular Defence Pension Adalat”, where the representatives from PCDA (P), Allahabad, DPDOs concerned, Public Sector Banks as well as representatives from the Min of Defence/Army HQrs form the Adalat Committee for redressal of the pensioners’ grievances.  This type of Adalat is held about five to six times during a financial year. The second type of Adalat, which is of a recent origin, is called  “Mini Pension Adalat” and is held in every DPDO at least once in a financial year. These” Mini Pension Adalats” are organised by CDA (PD) Meerut and CDA Chennai, and also are attended by the representatives from the PCDA (P) Allahabad, Zila Sainik Board, Local NBS bank branches, Local Pensioners Associations/Leagues etc.  This system of” Mini Pension Adalat” started in the Department with effect from July, 2000 and has been found to be extremely successful in so far as the settlement of the pensioners’ grievances on the spot, is concerned.


Decentralised computerisation system in DPDOs:-A Personal Computer (PC) based Distributed Data Processing (DDP) system is being introduced in every DPDO. The NPDS schedules will be processed and printed in the DPDO's office on the PCs. With this system discrepancies found in the pension accounts can be corrected without any delay by the DPDO. Trial project on DDP system was introduced in DPDO Brar square w.e.f. sept. 1999.The project has been found successful. The same is therefore being introduced in other DPDOs.  In future, a monthly statement of account in respect of each pensioner could also be generated in the PC and supplied to the pensioners, thereby ushering an era of Total Quality Management.



(i)      All the DPDOs prominently display in their offices the names of the grievance officer i.e. the Zonal Officer and Chief Grievance Officer advising the pensioners to send their representations to them in case they are not satisfied with the action taken by the DPDOs for redressal of their grievances.

(ii)          Complaint Control Registers are being maintained by the DPDOs/ZOs(PD).

(iii)     A Complaint Box has been put up in the DPDOs in which the visiting pensioners can personally drop their complaints. The complaint box is opened every evening in the presence of DPDO and all the complaints found therein are first entered in the Complaint Control Register and action is taken for the redressal of complaints.

(iv)          DPDOs invariably issue show-cause notice to the pensioners before suspending their pension or before effecting any recovery from his pension.  Providing an opportunity to the pensioner to explain his position to the DPDO

(v)          DPDO acknowledge the complaint received from the pensioner and also keeps him informed of the progress of his case. Therefore please obtain an acknowledgement for the complaint given to DPDOs.

(vi)     Mini Pension Adalats, are held in each DPDO atleast one Mini Pension Adalat in each DPDO during a Financial year. 

(vii)          An Enquiry Counter has been opened in each DPDO to guide the pensioners about their entitlements.

(viii)        DPDOs fix visiting hours for the pensioners during which pensioners can meet him in person, these are displayed outside DPDO office.

(ix)       The Token/Slips system is being followed to avoid pensioners standing in queue and to ensure disposals on ‘First-In-First-out’ basis.