Pension Payment
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Guidelines for Pensioners

Rejection of Disability Pension

In case disability pension is rejected, you may make an appeal to the Govt. of India within 6 months through Record Office, if you feel that the disability in your case is due to service factors. Similarly family of the deceased can also make an appeal, if the claim for special family pension is rejected.


You are advised to appear before the Re-Survey Board on due date as arranged by the Record-office. In case you fail to appear before R.S.M.B. for a long time, submit delay explanation alongwith non conviction and non-reemployment certificates to the R.O. for arranging a fresh R.S.M.B.

Physically Handicapped Mentally Retarded Children

If you have any physically handicapped/mentally retarded child, you may apply to your HOO/RO/Army Hqrs. for making an endorsement in your service & pension record and keep the acknowledgement of this intimation.


Submit periodical certificates regarding re-employment/ employment/ earning widowhood to your P.D.A. on due dates in order to regulate your pension correctly.

Nomination for LTA

Pensioners are advised to nominate their families in whose favour family pension has been jointly notified to enable her to receive lifetime arrears in case of his death. In case his wife is not alive he should nominate other members of his family to avoid inconvenience in obtaining Life Time Arrears by the Legal heirs.

Joint Notification of Family Pension

The widow in whose favour the pension has been jointly notified should report the death of her husband to the P.D.A. and submit the death certificate to enable him to commence payment of family pension from the date following the date of death of her husband.

Arrear of Pension

Pension undrawn for more than one year becomes time barred, which is paid only after sanction of the Competent Authority i.e. TO/PAO/DPDO. In the case of PSBs, the arrear claim on the prescribed form should be submitted to the bank to enable them to obtain the sanction of PCDA (P) Allahabad/CDA Chennai/CDA (PD) Meerut.

Missing Pensioner

In case a pensioner is missing, his family should lodge an F.I.R. with the police authorities. If the pensioner is not traced after one year she should obtain a certificate from the police authorities and report the matter to the PDA and submit the required documents i.e. Indemnity Bond to him to enable him to submit the case to this office for sanction of family pension from the date of lodging F.I.R.


If you want to represent any problem to the office of PCDA (P) please furnish following information/particulars along with full details of your problem/grievance.
  1. Your name, Regt. No., Record Office/H.O.O. from where you retired.
  2. P.P.O,. No. and date under which the pension was granted in your favour
  3. Name of the P.D.A./Bank from where you are drawing your pension with saving bank/current account no.
  4. TS/PS/HO number allotted to you (incase of DPDOs, Treasuries, Post Offices and PAOs).
You can lodege a complaint online, or by post.
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