Forms for Download (Disbursement Form)

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SL.NoNomenclature of the forms To be submitted by To be submitted to
1 Application for drawal of Pension through public sector Banks Pensioner PDA
2 Loss certificate PDA PSA
3 1stpayment call letter PDA Pensioner
4 Form: consolidated certificates submitted at time of 1st payment Pensioner PDA
5 Certificate of Re-employment/ Employment Pensioner PDA
6 Letter from PDA for family Pension/LTA payment PDA Family Pensioner/
Nominated heir
7 Application for change of PDA Pensioner PDA
8 NRI Pensioners: Consolidated life certificate/ nationality certificate Pensioner PDA
9 NRI Pensioners :Form of Power of Attorney Pensioner PDA
10 Consolidated certificates to be submitted at the time of annual identification Pensioner PDA
11 Application for restoration of commuted value of Pension Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
12 PBOR :Application form for revision of Pension (V CPC) Pre-01.01.86 retiree Pensioner Records Office through the PDA
13 Certificate to be submitted by re-employed pensioners for payment of Dearness Relief on Pension Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
14 Affidavit by family pensioner at the time of receiving first pension Family Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
15 Form to claim family pension and children allowance Claimant to Family Pension Record Office
16 Re-employment/Non-Re-employment details Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
17 Form to claim arrears of pension:IAFA(CDA) – 651, Pensioner PCDA(P)/CDA(PD)/CDA Chennai through the PDA.
18 Form to claim Life Time Arrears: IAFA (CDA) – 652 Pensioner PCDA(P)/CDA(PD)/CDA Chennai through the PDA.
19 Indemnity Bond in case of missing pensioners WIDOW Pension Disbursing Agencies
20 For pensioners not able to appear in person to receive pension IAFA – 409 (containing Life Certificate, Letter of Authority) Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
21 Form for nomination Form‘A’ & ‘B’ Pensioner Pension Disbursing Agencies
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