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Fixed amount of Medical allowance of Rs.500/- ( As per Para -2 of Circular No.130 dated 07-01-2015) is payable to pensioners/Family pensioners w.e.f. 19.11.2014 it is notified along with the Original pension based on the option given by the pensioner and undertaking that he/she is residing in the area not covered by CGHS scheme. Those who exercise the option will have to give an undertaking once every year to the PDA that they are residing in such area where no such facilities are available. The option for fixed Medical Allowance can be changed only once in lifetime by the pensioner on account of change in residence. In case the pensioner wants o draw Medical allowance subsequently the same will not be notified by the PSA/ PCDA(P) .The pensioners should approach the PDA/Bank DPDO etc. for this purpose.
For applying to the Pension Disbursing Agencies for payment of Medical Allowance is available on this Website under Forms for disbursement.

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