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Family Pension

Family Pension is granted to the family of a Govt. servant in the event of his death while in service and also after retirement provided he was on the date of death in receipt of a pension or compassionate allowance.
  1. Definition of Family
  2. Eligibility and Period of Grant
  3. Missing Govt. Servant / Pensioner
  4. Calculation Of Family Pension
  5. Enhanced Family Pension
  6. Model Calculation
  7. Minimum/Maximum Limit

Definition of Family

For the purpose grant of Family pension the 'Family' shall be categorised as under:

Category -I

  1. Widow or widower, upto the date of death or re-marriage, whichever is earlier.
  2. Son / daughter (including widowed daughter), upto the date of his / her marraige / re-marriage or till the date he / she starts earning or till the age of 25 years, whichever is the earliest.

Category -II

  1. Unmarried / Widowed / Divorced daughter, not covered by Category -I above, upto the date of marriage / re-marriage or till the date she starts earning or upto the date of death, whichever is earliest.
  2. Parents who were wholly dependent on the Government servant when he / she was alive provided the deceased employee had left behind neither a widow nor a child. Family pension to dependent parents unmarried/divorced/widowed daughter will continue till the date of death.
    Family Pension to Unmarried/ widowed / divorced daughters in Category II and dependent parents shall be payable only after the other eligible family memebrs in Category I have ceased to be eligible to receive family pension and there is no disabled child to receive the family pension. Grant of family pension to children in respective categories shall be payable in order of their date of birth and younder of them will not be eligible for family pension unless the next above him / her has become ineligible for grant of family pension in that category.

Eligibility and Period of Grant

  1. Widow/Widower: Where a deceased Govt. servant is survived by a widow/widower, the widow/ widower shall be entitled to the award of family pension from the date following the date of death of the Govt. servant till death or remarriage which ever is earlier.
  2. More than one Widow: Where a Hindu deceased Govt. servant leaves behind more than one widow the second and other widow are not entitled to family pension as a legally wedded wife under the Hindu Marriage act 1955. In other cases the award of family pension will be divided among the surviving widows in equal shares.
  3. Divorced Wife: Divorced wife loses the status of a legally wedded wife and as such is not entitled to the award of family pension. However, the eligible child/children from a divorced wife shall be entitled to the share of family pension which the mother would have received at the time of death of her husband had she not been divorced.
  4. Child / Children: On the death of the widow / widower the family pension shall become payable to the eligible child / children. Family Pension to children shall be payable in the order of their birth and the younger of them shall not be eligible for family pension unless the elder next above him/her has become in-eligible for the grant of family pension.
  5. Son / Daughter: The award of family pension to son / daughter including widowed / divorced daughter shall be payable till he / she attains the age of 25 years or upto the date of his / her marriage/remarriage or starts earning his/her livelihood, whichever is earlier.
  6. Handicapped Child/Children:If the son or daughter of a Govt. servant is suffering from any disorder or disability of mind or is physically crippled or disabled so as to render him or her unable to earn a living, the family pension shall be payable to such son or daughter for life. In case the handicapped daughter gets married, her family pension will be stopped from the date of marriage.The family pension to child who is suffering from disorder or disability of mind, is paid through a legal guardian.

    The award of Family Pension in respect of Handicapped child is not notified jointly along with the pension/Family Pension of his/her parents. It is notified as and when the contingency arises.

  7. Parents: When deceased Govt. servant left behind neither widow/widower and children, family pension shall be payable to the parents who were wholly dependent on the Govt. servant during the life time of the deceased Govt. servant, provided their income does not exceed Rs.3500/- p.m. and DR

Missing Govt. Servant/Pensioner

The Family Pension in respect of the Government employee/pensioner whose whereabouts are not known, can be sanctioned to the eligible family member from the date of missing after the lapse of a period of 6 month from the date of lodging the FIR with the concerned Police station.

Where an employee / pensioner disappears leaving his family, the family must lodge a FIR with the concerned police station, and obtain a report that the employee could not been traced after all efforts have been made by the police.

Before the payment of family pension is allowed to the family of a missing govt. servant, an Indemnity Bond on prescribed format should be taken from the family pensioner that all payment will be adjusted against the payments due to the employee in case he appears on the scene and makes any claim.
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