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a. List of Pensioners whose Identification is Due on SPARSH, since March' 2022, as on 23.05.2022.       b. Clarification on "Report Death" and "Initiate Family Pension" functionality available on "SPARSH" portal.       c. SPARSH Circular-11: Nomination of Departmental Admin for SPARSH (Defence Civilian) – regarding.       d. Official Channel of PCDA(P) on Youtube.      e. Kind attention to all SPARSH Pensioners.      f. Nomination of Nodal officers for SPARSH(Army Officers).      


PCDA's Message

It is great opportunity for me to serve 3rd time in this office which is serving more than 31 lakh Defence pensioner/family pensioner, resulted into disbursement of more than 1,28,000 crore rupees in 2020-21. As I see, I realize that the office has historic significance. It has kept pace with the changing environment, facing numerous challenges, overcoming many limitation using its innovative systems and culture of service in serving our people. Several existing systems have been evolved to care for clients.

When I see in the past, this office has implemented many milestones:- Sangam PPOs for Pre’ 06 retirees were issued for more than 16 lakh pensioners; furthermore OROP (One rank one pension) was executed successfully; ePPO project successfully implemented which have extra security features like QR Code and Digital Signature. This new initiative has improved efficiency and accuracy of this office tremendously. Till date 27.5 lakhs ePPOs have been issued which includes Pre 2016 revision ePPOs to the tune of 5.5 lakhs for Defence Civlians, more than 13 lakhs for PBORs and 50,000 for Commissioned Officers including court cases and Pre’86 cases.

The year 2021 is going to be another milestone in terms of our future vision. SPARSH (System for Pension Administration (Raksha) is a comprehensive web based interactive Pension Disbursement System for Defence Pensioners viz Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Civilians. This Pensioner Portal provides a single window for the pensioners and will receive pension proposals and make payment centrally from O/o the PCDA(P).

It is our persistent Endeavour to bring smile to the face of every client through our prompt and humane approach and without compromising our transparency. I do sincerely hope that we will be able to achieve this objective with the help of cutting edge technology, hard work and efficiency in the coming days.

Best wishes.

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