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Family pension to the widows of State Force Pensioners

Ordinary family pension scheme was introduced vide Army instructions 2/S/64 replaced vide Army instruction no. 51 of 98 & corresponding Naval and Air Force instruction for service officers and PBORs including NCs(E) who were in service on 1-1-64 but the widows of erstwhile Govt. servant were not covered by the family pension scheme 1964.

Consequent on the judgment delivered by the Hon. Supreme Court of India on 30th April,1985 the above provision was extended to the widows of erstwhile Govt. servant with effect from 22-09-77, who were borne on pensionable establishment and were not covered by that scheme.

Authy.:Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence letter no. F6(2)/85/1689/B/D(Pens/Sers) dt. 08-08-85.

The Documents/Certificates required for the grant of Family Pension to the widows of the State Force Pensioners

The following documents are to be submitted to the Principal C.D.A.(P), Allahabad by the officer in charge, Records of the deceased State Force Pensioner

  1. Sheet Roll / Long Roll of the deceased State Force Pensioner.
  2. Application for the grant of Ordinary Family Pension (In duplicate).
  3. Specimen signature/ Thumb impression, Slip bearing thumb and fingure impression (in duplicate) & Descriptive Roll of the claimant.
  4. Passport size photographs of the claimants (Two).
  5. Death certificate of the pensioner.
  6. Annexure A & B
  7. Affidavit from the widow regarding non-remarriage and non-receipt of any other family pension.
  8. LTA certificate issued by the PDA concern.
  9. Non-reemployment certificate.
  10. Two names certificate of the widow duly attested, if applicable.
J&K Militia

AG J&K granted Personnel of J&K Militia service pension. The liability of granting pension has been taken over by Indian Army w.e.f. 31-12-71. Now J&K Militia has been changed as regular Army service named J&K Light Infantry. They are entitled for pension as admissible to other regular Army Personnel.(see under know your pension: PBOR)

Pak/Burma Pensioners

No service pension is admissible to pensioners of Pak & Burma pensioners. They are, however, eligible for ex-gratia allowance which is admissible to them @ Rs.1275/- w.e.f. 1-11-97 under Vth CPC (also Dearness Relief as revised from time to time by GOI). They are those pensioners whose liability is of Pak & Burma but are getting pension in India. Medical Allowance is not payable

HKSRA/U.K. Pensioners

These pensioners belong to U.K. Army but residing in India. The payment arrangement is made by Office of the P.C.D.A. (P) through payment authority on receipt of authorisation from U.K. authority, Pay Accounts Office Glasgow, London. Dearness Relief rates are also sanctioned and revised by that office. Medical Allowance is not payable to these pensioners. The amount paid to these pensioners is claimed from U.K. Government.

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