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a. Important Notice:- Pensioner Migrated on SPARSH       b. List of Pensioners whose Identification is Due on SPARSH, as on 23.09.2022.      


Organisational Structure

  1. Sections dealing with Grant of Pension
    1. Grants-I/ Civil Section : Defence Civilians Pension Sanction
    2. Grants-I/ Military Section : Commissioned Officers
    3. Grants(ORs) Section :PBOR Pension Sanction
  2. Sections Dealing with Audit
  3. Other Sections
EDP (Civil) Manual Grant of pensionary Awards through computers to the Defence Civilians & their families. Including DAD, Coast Guard and GREF.
G1-Civil Notification of pensionary awards through manual process for civilians' cases and also for division of family pension to dependents.

Pre'86 Civil Revision Cell Revision of Defence Civilians ( including DAD, GREF, Coast Guard )- of all Pre 1.1.86 retiree Defence Civilians' cases.
Post 1.1.86/pre 1.1.96 retiree Civil Revision Cell Revision of Defence Civilians' pension under Vth CPC
Post 1.1.96 Civil Revision Cell Revision of Defence Civilians' Pension.

G-1 Military Section:Grant of pensionary awards to the Commissioned Officers and their families.
Commissioned Officers Vth CPC Revision:Commissioned Officers' Pension under Vth CPC is being revised in G-1 Military Section.

EDP(M) Services section for grant of pension to PBOR (computerised cases)
G2 section Service Pension (manual cases).
G3 section Disability Pension.
G3/RA section Reassessment of Disability Pension
Grants 4 section Family Pension
Commutation section where commutation not notified along with pension
Air Force Cell Air Force personnel, pre 1.11.85 cases.
Navy Cell Navy personnel, pre 1.11.85 cases
PPO cell Issue of duplicate Pension Payment Orders
Grants Coord. General Administration
Technical secn. Technical Examination.
PEA Pending Enquiry Awards
APO cell Award Panel Officer
Militia cell Militia cases.

Post 1.1.96 PBOR revision cell: Revision of Post 1.1.96 retiree PBOR revision cases.
Pre 1.1.96 PBOR revision cell: Revision of PBOR post pre 1.1.96 retiree cases

Audit Coord. General Administration of Audit section.
Audit Tech. Technical examination of cases referred by operating groups regarding rules and regulations and issue of necessary circulars etc.
Audit Cell Audit of Pension Payment Vouchers received from PDAs
Spot Audit Detailing teams for audit of payments made by the PDAs
Demand Cell Processing & clearance of demands against pensioners
Audit-I Audit and correspondence in r/o Commissioned Officers, their families and Defence Civilians and their families (in regard to Class I, II & V pensioners)
Audit-II to Audit VII Audit and correspondence in respect to PBOR, their families and U.K. pensioners (Class VI, VII & VIII pensioners)
C.H. (Card Holder) Preparation of audit cards and mainte-nance of CH copy of PPOs.
Documentation Record of Monthly pension payment Schedules/ Scrolls of PDAs/PSBs
C.C.L. And O.T.I. CELL CCL: Central Card Library. Processing & clearance of demands of O.T.I.

Admin and Pay

General Administration Discipline, Promotion, Pay and Allowances, etc. in respect of Officers/ Staff of PCDA(P) Allahabad

Record & Old Record Receipt & Distribution of Dak, Maintenance of Office Library, Stationery, Stores and printing. Maintenance of old records.
Accounts Section

Compilation & accounting of expenditure on pension and budge-ting & monitoring

Post Audit Section Post Audit of various bills pertaining to DAD in respect of other Controllers
D-Section Issue of cheques . vigilance activities.
O&M Cell. O & M Studies, Internal Inspection of various section of the PCDA (P) . Training.

Hindi Cell Promotion of Hindi as National Language
Legal Cell Defending /follow up action on the legal cases relating to pension
Pension Adalat Cell Holding of Pension Adalats and settlement of grievances.
E.D.P. Centre Computer processing of Pension Claims etc..

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