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a. Important Notice:- Pensioner Migrated on SPARSH       b. List of Pensioners whose Identification is Due on SPARSH, as on 23.09.2022.      


Pension Regulations - 2008 : Circulars & Orders


These Regulations have under gone sweeping changes, deletion, addition following MOD/DP and PW based on Government decisions/ Pay Commissions/ Committee's recommendations/ Court rulings from time to time.

These Regulations are being revised by a Committee set by the Ministry of Defence and the revised/ updated Regulations will be put up on the Website as soon as the approved copies of the regulations are received.

Click following link to download Pension Rgulations

Pension Regulation : Army    Part-I     Part-II
Pension Regulation : Air Force    Part-I     Part-II
Pension Regulation : Navy

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