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Liberalised Family Pension : Conditions

In case of death of an Armed Forces Personnel under the circumstances mentioned in category "D" & "E", the eligible member of the family shall be entitled to Liberalised Family Pension equal to reckonable emoluments last drawn, both for officers and PBOR. Liberalised Family Pension at this rate shall be admissible to the widow in the case of officers and to the nominated heir in the case of PBOR until death or disqualification.

G.O.I, M.O.D. vide its letter No. 200847/Pen-C/71 dt. 24.2.72, decided to grant Liberalized Pensionary Awards equivalent to the basic pay +increments +rank pay +good service pay+ dearness pay + home saving element to the nominated heir of PBORs of Armed Forces personnel as well as NCs(E), (including APS and DSC personnel), who were killed in action or disabled in the operations against any neighboring country and as well as in following actions:

  1. 1947-48 Kashmir Operations, international wars of 1962, 1965 (including Kutch and Kargil Ops.), 1971, as well as Goa and Hyderabad operations.
  2. In warlike operations or border skirmishes either with Pakistan on ease fire line or any other country, operation against armed hostiles like Naga & Mizos and also while deployed in peace-keeping mission abroad.
  3. During laying or clearance of mines .

These benefits were granted wef 1-2-1972 to the nominated heirs / NoKs of all personnel who were killed in above actions and operations from 1947-48 onwards.

Rates of Liberalised Family Pension

Under this category nominated heir of the PBOR will be granted Lib. Family Pension equal to the reckonable emoluments last drawn which includes Pay in pay band + GP + MSP + X Group Pay if any + Classification allowance actual drawn if any until death or disqualification. If a PBOR is not survived by widow but is survived by child (ren) only, all children together shall be eligible for Lib. Family Pension at the rate equal to 60% of reckonable emoluments till his/her disqualification i.e. attaining the age of 25 years. On death / disqualification of senior most children it will pass on to next eligible child. And the crippled child if any will be granted continuance award of family pension when all children become disqualified. The crippled child will continue to receive this award for life at the rate equivalent to 60% of Liberalised Family pension

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