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Pension Payment

Guidelines for PDAs

Payments to NRI Pensioners

The pensioners, who for the time being are residing outside India and have not changed their Indian nationality, may be advised to get their pension accounts transferred to PSBs from TO/DPDO/PAO so as to facilitate the payment of pension through bank account. Their pension will be credited to their bank account so long as they are in a position to produce Life Certificate signed by prescribed Bank Officers in terms of para 12 of PSB Scheme. This provision is however not applicable to those who are residing abroad permanently and have adopted foreign nationality. The payment in respect of such pensioners as also those who are drawing pension from an agency other than a Public Sector Bank will be arranged through a Scheduled Bank on execution of Power of Attorney in favour of the bank in terms of para 13 of PPI(1973). On change of his/her nationality the pensioner should apply to his/her P.D.A. stating the fact of change of nationality, the name of the scheduled bank through which he/she wishes to draw pension and also send with the application nationality certificate and the power of attorney executed in the favour of the scheduled bank to enable the PDA to obtain the requisite sanction for continuance of pension from Pr. C.D.A. (P) Allahabad. The PDAs should not credit pension to the pensioner's account beyond the periodicity of Life Certificate on record of the Bank.

Note: Scheduled banks are the banks included in the Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act.

The pensioners should be advised-

  1. To open a non resident Bank Account in any scheduled bank in India.
  2. To execute a power of Attorney in duplicate(Specimen enclosed) on Indian Non Judicial stamp paper of Appropriate value or where no judicial stamp paper is available, on durable plain paper affixed with adhesive Indian Stamp of Appropriate value. The value of the stamp will be determined with reference to practice as obtained in the place where the power of attorney is executed. The power of Attorney will be executed before Notary Public or Indian Mission abroad. It shall be ensured that if the power of Attorney is executed before Notary Public, it must be signed in the presence of an official of Indian Embassy/Mission abroad, who should attest the signature of the Pensioner.
  3. If the power of Attorney is executed on a plain paper and not affixed with the adhesive Indian Stamps of appropriate value, the pensioner may be requested to write his agent in India advising him to take the same to the Collector within 3 months of its receipt for getting it stamped according to Indian stamp Act.
  4. To submit an arrear claim on IAF (CDA) 651 if the pension has not been drawn for more than one year.
  5. To submit pension claim on IAFA-380(a)
  6. To submit life certificate(IAFA-409) duly attested by a Banker/Magistrate/Minister of Religion/Notary Public or may Gazetted Officer/Authorities of High Commission/Embassy.
  7. To furnish a Nationality certificate on the following lines.
    "Certified that the pensioner was an Indian National at the time of his retirement and has not changed his nationality thereafter and become a naturalised citizen of a foreign state."
    In case any particular pensioner is unable to give the Nationality certificate because he/she has changed his/her Nationality and has become a Naturalised citizen of Foreign State, documentary evidence to that effect indicating the date from which the change took place will be obtained and forwarded to the Principal CDA(Pensions) Allahabad separately for necessary action and the pension should not be paid beyond the month in which he/she became a naturalised citizen of a "Foreign State" without having first been obtained the sanction of the Principal CDA(P) Allahabad.
  8. To forward an attested copy of pensioners pass port.
    The above documents alongwith pensioners, pension certificate are to be forwarded to pensioners Agent in India for submitting the claim to Principal CDA(P) Allahabad through concerned Pension Disbursing Authority.
    The life and nationality certificate referred to at item 6 & 7 above are to be submitted initially with the first claim and thereafter once in a year alongwith the claim for the month of April each year. In addition a declaration rectifying the Acts/deeds done by the pensioners attorney shall also be submitted in April each year. These documents may be sent to the Attorney well in time by the pensioner so as to enable him to submit the same with the claim for the month of April. It may be noted that pension will not be paid beyond the date on which the next life certificate, Nationality certificate, rectification deed is due.

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