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Pension Payment

Guidelines for PDAs

PPO Series/ Types Of Pension

The Pension Payment Orders are issued in the following series:
Type of Pensionary Award PPO prefixed by
Commissioned Officers and their families'M'
Civilian pensioners and their families (including GREF, Coast Guard and DAD)'C'
PBOR-Army: Service Pension PPOs'S'
PBOR-Army: Disability Pension PPOs'D'
PBOR-Army: Ordinary Family Pension PPOs'F/NA'
PBOR-Army: Special Family Pension PPOs'F'
PBOR-Army: Continuance awards of Disability Pension PPOs'D/RA'
PBOR-Army: Disability Pension Battle Casualty PPOs i.e. War Injury Pension'D/BC'
PBOR-Army: J&K Militia'Militia'
PBOR-Army: Family Pension Battle Casualty PPOs'F/BC'
Air Force Officers and personnel below officers rank The PPO issued by CDA(AF) New Delhi are pre-fixed with 08'AF'
Navy Officers and personnel below officers rank PPOs issued by CDA(Navy) Bombay in case of Air Force Navy Officers and personnel below Officers rank and their families are prefixed by 09'Navy'

Basic condition for grant of different types of pension
  • is granted when a commissioned officer/PBOR/civilian retires from service according to the prescribed terms and conditions of service.
  • Commissioned Officers/PBOR who are invalided out of service due to a disability of 20% or more which is acceptable as attributable to or aggravated by military service, are eligible for the grant of disability pension consisting of a service element and a disability element.
  • Families of commissioned officers and PBOR who die while in service or after discharge, and the death is not regarded as attributable to or aggravated by military service, are granted ordinary family pension.
  • Families of commissioned officers and PBOR whose death is regarded as attributable to or aggravated by military service, are granted special family pension.
  • For war widows in respect of Commissioned Officers and PBOR who have been killed in action. This is equivalent to the last pay drawn by the deceased officer/PBOR killed in action.
  • The disability element is sanctioned for a particular period only in most of the cases. Thereafter, a medical board will review the case and if it is decided to continue the disability element, a corrigendum PPO is issued by the P.S.A. mentioning the date upto which the disability element will continue for payment. The P.D.A. should exercise caution in recording the relevant details of the disability element (particularly the date upto which it is payable) in the Pension Payment Register to avoid wrong payment beyond the date of sanction.

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