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Pension Payment

Guidelines for PDAs

Pension Certificates of Pensioners drawing pension from PSBs

It has been observed that in case of Defence Civilian pensioners, Pension Certificate (containing pensioner's copy of P.P.O.), received alongwith Pension Payment Order, from respective head of Offices, are retained by the PSBs in their record and not delivered to the pensioners. Since Pension Certificate is meant for the pensioners, the PSBs should ensure that not only Pension Certificate is delivered to the pensioner but every payment made to the pensioner is entered in his/her pension certificate in addition to the entries made in his/her Bank Pass Book.

Payments through Money Order

If a pensioner desires to draw pension through Money Order the same can be remitted upto Rs. 1,500/- (excluding Relief) at Govt. expense. In case the amount of pension exceeds above Rs. 1,500/- p.m. Money Order commission is to be deducted from the money remitted to the pensioner. The PDA has to certify that the payment in the previous months have been made to the proper person and that Money Order receipt have been obtained and recorded.

Loss of PPOs/Issue of Duplicate PPOs

To avoid delay in payment of pension, where a PPO issued by Pension Sanctioning Authority is lost a certified true copy thereof will be obtained urgently from the Pension Sanctioning Authority by furnishing a loss certificate to be sent under registered cover to the authority who initially sanctioned pension i.e. Pr.CDA(P), Allahabad /CDA(N) Mumbai /DCDA (AF), New Delhi.

Detecting Fake/Fraudlent PPOs

In order to prevent payment of pension on fake and forged Pension Payment Orders/Payment Authorities the same should be scrutinised thoroughly. In the past very glaring discrepancies were noticed. Some of them are mentioned below which can be checked by the PDAs .
  1. Fake PPOs were marked 'Pension Certificate copy' on the TOP instead of 'Original' (PDAs copy)
  2. Signatures were copied in Rubber Stamp instead of being original in ink
  3. Date of commencement given was not first of the month.
  4. Photos were fabricated. Two separate negatives were used for preparing joint photograph of husband and wife
  5. 'Debit service estimates' was typed on the PPO
  6. The PPO form were filled by 'typewriters' and not generated on a computer.
  7. The computer stationery used in fake PPO was printed in a format different from those currently used by PSAs
  8. Identification of pensioners was not carried out by the PDA and not noted in the descriptive roll/check register, due to which payment incorrectly made.
  9. Imprint of the embossed seal was different. It did not match with the specimen circulated by the PSAs or the PPO was not embossed at all in some cases.
  10. The new pensioner was not identified by two defence pensioner which led to incorrect payment.
  11. Specimen signature did not match with those on the payment authority/PPO
  12. If payment against a fake and forged PPO/payment authority comes to notice, the PDA must immediately lodge an FIR and pursue the police authority to arrest the person (s) involved. All concerned authorities i.e. the District Administration, the Director of Treasuries, must be informed about such incidents and a detailed report regarding the modus operandi adopted, in securing such payment alongwith photo copies of the documents involved should be submitted at the earliest to the Principal CDA (Pensions), Allahabad or the Pension Sanctioning Authority concerned

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