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Pension Payment

Guidelines for PDAs

Cessation of Payment of Pension

When the pension ceases to be payable to a pensioner, the PDA will make necessary entries in the pension documents and its records and return it to the Pr. CDA(P) Allahabad.

Attachment of Pension

In accordance with section II of the pension Act(Act XXIII of 1871) no pension granted by Govt. on account of past services or present infirmities or as a compassionate allowance and no money due or to become due on account of any such pension or allowance, shall be liable for seizure, attachment or sequestration by process of any Court in India at the instance of a creditor for any demand against the pensioner or in satisfaction of a decree or order of any such court. While an order issued by a court can not prima facie be ignored and should, therefore, be honoured, the relevant orders may be brought to the attention of the court with a view to getting the court orders vacated and simultaneously the PDA should bring the matter to the attention of the PCDA(P) for further necessary action.

Payments of Insane Pensioners

When a pensioner is certified by a Magistrate to be insane, the payment of pension and gratuity shall be regulated by the competent authority as under:
  1. Where the insane pensioner is lodged in an Asylum:The whole of the pension and gratuity will be paid to the dependents of the pensioners on production of pensioner's pension certificate and life certificate. The question of payment by them of the cost of pensioners maintenance is left to be decided by the court on an application by the Asylum authorities under provisions of section 26 of Lunacy Act.
  2. Where the insane is in charge of his/her dependents or of a friend or any other relative:
The pension and gratuity will be paid to dependents or in two shares one to person having charge of the lunatic and another to the dependents respectively.

Missing Pensioner

Payment of Family pension and gratuity to the family of Armed forces personnel/pensioners who disappear suddenly and his whereabouts are not known.

The above pension may be sanctioned by the Administrative/ Competent authority after obtaining the following documents:

  1. Copy of FIR
  2. Indemnity Bond from the family on the prescribed form.
  3. Certificate from the PDA stating that
    1. The period upto which pension was last paid.
    2. The pension account of the missing pensioners has not been transferred to another PDA.

The following points are to be observed by the PDAs before making the payment of Family pension to family of the missing pensioner.

  1. The pensioners name may be struck off the strength of the pension strength and included in form I.
  2. The Family pensioner may be taken on payment strength and her name included in form II.
  3. The following documents may be obtained from the family and submitted to this office separately from the vouchers.
    1. Indemnity Bond
    2. The certificate showing the period upto which pension was last paid to the missing pensioners and confirmation to this effect that his pension documents were not transferred to another PDA.
  4. In case the individual re-appears at a later date the payment of pension to the family shall be stopped and case reported to PCDA(P) office.
  5. The payment made to the family may be included in the change statement.

The date of disappearance of the pensioner will be reckoned from the date FIR is lodged with police. The family pension will be sanctioned by the PCDA(P) on receipt of the documents/information from the PDA after one year from the date of lodging FIR commencing from the date of lodging FIR.

LTA will be paid to the legal heir after the presumptive date of death has been notified by the Ministry concerned/administrative authorities.

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