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Instruction for completion of LPC-cum-Data Sheet

General Instructions:  
  1. R.O. should ensure that Release Medical Examination/Release Medical Board is held in advance by 08 months of the date by which individual is likely to be discharged.
  2. R.O. should ensure that all pension papers are received from unit concerned 6 months before the date of discharge of the individual.
  3. R.O. should ensure the receipt of nomination for life time arrears of pension/family pension.
  4. R.O. should ensure attestation of joint photograph which is required to be pasted in the space provided in pension application.
  5. R.O. should ensure that the enhanced rate of family pension has been determined with reference to the date of birth of the individual.
  6. R.O. should ensure that all columns provided in the LPC-CUM-DATA-SHEET are filled properly.
  7. R.O. should ensure information regarding payment of provisional pension is reflected in the space provided in the data sheet.
  8. R.O. should ensure basic pension and net pension determined have been worked out correctly.
  9. R.O. should ensure that discharge Roll, Sheet Roll, enrolment Form and other relevant pension documents are invariably kept for authentication of LPC-CUM-DATA-SHEET by the PAO.
  10. R.O. should ensure sanction of Competent Authority regularising irregularity i.e. break in service and sanction for condonation of deficiency in service/rank.
  11. R.O. should ensure that all cols. of LPC-CUM-DATA-SHEET required to be authenticated by PAO have been completed before submission of the pension claim.
  12. R.O. should ensure that application for commutation of pension on prescribed form has been obtained duly recommended by the Competent Authority
  13. R.O. should ensure that Retirement Gratuity (DCRG) claim has been obtained from the pensioner.
  14. R.O. should ensure that while submitting LPC-CUM-DATA SHEET to PAO for checking all the requisite documents have been submitted to him for proper audit of the calculation furnished therein.
  15. R.O. should ensure that all supporting documents alongwith LPC-CUM-DATA SHEET duly checked by the PAO alongwith certificate furnished by him have been sent to PSA well in advance of the date of discharge of the individual.

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