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Defence Civilians : Initiation of Pension Claim through Data Sheet by Head of Office

HOO should ensure that the claims are complete in all respect. Common errors in the claims noticed by PCDA(P) office are listed under common irregularities on this Website. These errors contribute to delay in notification of pension.

Submission of claims: Claims for pensionary awards in respect of Defence civilians are submitted by there respective Head of offices to Principal C.D.A. (P), Allahabad for necessary sanction and notification of the awards in the Pension Payment Orders. Pensionary awards include pension, death and retirement gratuity, commutation and family pension HOO should ensure that complete documents are sent along with the claims to prevent delay in notification of pension.

Reminders / queries for notification of pension : It has been observed that the pension claims are not being sent six months before the date of retirement of the individual. Often claims are sent a few days before the retirement. In large number of cases claims are sent I the month of retirement and also after retirement. Reminders for early notification of pension reach this office through FAX/ telegrams even before the claim is received in this office. This leads to unnecessary correspondence. The HOO should ensure that the claims are sent well in advance and reminders are sent only after 35 days from the date of despatch of claims as there is a 30 days drill for pension sanction.

Service Books: Length of qualifying service is established on the basis of Annual pay verification certificate as recorded in the service book. Entries relating to pay details are also found endorsed in the service book. Head of offices submit the service book along with the pension claim to Audit Controllers viz CDA / LAO / Area Accounts offices. Audit Controllers verify the LPC Data - Sheet w.r.t. the entries in the Service books. Thereafter the service books are returned. The requirement of the service book in PCDA (P) office in support of pension claim (IAFA - 356) for sanction of pensionary awards in respect of Defence Civilians has been dispensed with. In lieu thereof a "Data - Sheet" containing integrated information forms the basis for the notification forms the basis for the notification of pensionary awards. The Data sheet contains all the relevant information which are necessary for computing the award of pension, gratuity and consists of five parts namely service, pay, commutation, family and PDA particulars.

Preparation / Audit of LPC- cum, data sheet: The data sheet is completed by the head of office and passed on alongwith the service book and pension claim to the LAO /BAO concerned for necessary checkup.

The CDA/LAO/Area Accounts Office will carry out the requisite check of the Data Sheet, particularly the entries relating to length of qualifying service and pay columns with reference to the service documents, sign it under his seal and authority and forward the same (without the service book) to the Principal C.D.A. (P) for determination of the Pensionary awards. The service book is returned to the respective Head office.

Action in PCDA(P) Office: On receipt of the pension claim in the office of the Pr. C.D.A.(P), the data - sheet is further subjected to a final check to ensure that it is complete in all respect. The Data-Sheet is then send to the EDP centre for punching and final generation of a computerised PPO.

Through this Website the following will be communicated to the HOO

  1. Latest circulars / Format & preparation of data-sheet to HOO.PCDA(P) Office is in a process of computerising 100% the pension sanction for Defence Civilians. The revised Data-sheet and instructions for filling up the Data-sheet will be displayed on this Website around January 2001
  2. Common errors in claims
  3. Documents to be enclosed with the claims
  4. Latest orders

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