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Instruction for completion of LPC-cum-Data Sheet(O)

General Instructions:  
  1. In order to simplify the procedure for sanction of pensionary benefits to the Commissioned Officers, it has been decided to process these claims on computer.  For this purpose, a data sheet namely LPC-cum-Data Sheet(O) has been designed.  It contains all the relevant information based on which pensionary benefits viz., Pension/DCRG/Commuted value of pension/family pension can be sanctioned.
    1. The LPC-cum-Data Sheet(O) is applicable to the following categories:
    2. Regular Commissioned Officers/TA Officers/AMC, MNS, ADC and RVC Officers who-
      1. Retire on reaching the age of superannuation and after completion of 20 years of service (15 years in case of the late entrants)
      2. Retire voluntarily after completion of 20 years of service except those who opted for voluntary retirement on permanent absorption basis.
      3. Invalided out of service after rendering a qualifying service of 10 years or more.
    3. Following categories of cases may be excluded from the purview of computerisation and will continue to be processed manually.
      1. NCC Officers.
      2. Where officer has more than one wife and family Pension is required to be notified in favour of such wives equally.
      3. Where disciplinary/judicial inquiries are pending against the officer.
      4. Time-barred cases where the claim has been received after one year of the retirement of the officer.
    4. The LPC-cum-Data-Sheet will be prepared by the CDA (O), Pune in duplicate.The duplicate copy will be retained and pension claim consisting of the following documents will be forwarded to the PCDA(P)
1.LPC-cum-Data-Sheet (O)1 copy
2.Pension application from the Officer1 copy
3.Retirement notification Order1 copy
4.Family details1 copy
5.Commutation application1 copy
6.Photograph/Joint photograph 2 copies
7.The CDA(O) certificate regarding   verification of qualifying service1 copy
8.Pr. CDA(P) audit Report/assessmentmemo regarding counting of former spell of service, if any1 copy
9.Form of declaration of commutation of pension1 copy
10.No demand certificate1 copy
11.AFMSF–18 (Medical examination Report)1 copy
12.AFMSF-16 (if any)1 copy
13.Post retirement address-1 copy

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