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Liberalised Pensionary Awards in Special Cases

Applicability: These orders apply to all Civilian Central Govt. Servants who are governed by CCS(EOP) Rules and also to those who are governed by the Workmens' Compensation Act, 1923.

Date of effect: These orders apply to all cases arising on or after 1.1.1986.

Scope: Where a Govt. servant is killed or disabled -

  1. as a result of action in international wars;
  2. as a result of fighting in War like operations;
  3. while fighting against armed hostilities; and
  4. during laying or clearance of mines and as a result of attack by extremists, anti-social elements etc., he/his family would be entitled to following awards -
    1. Family Pension: Libralised Rules Where a Govt. servant is survived by a widow, she will be entitled to family pension equal to the pay last drawn by the deceased Govt. servant, for life or her re-marriage
    2. In the event of her re-marriage, the widow will be allowed family pension at the rate and subject to the conditions laid down for the grant of family pension in death due to natural causes.

Disability Pension: Libralised Rules

  1. If the Govt. servant is invalided out of service, he will be paid disability pension consisting of service and disability element. The service element will be equal to an amount of retiring pension (@ 50% of the emoluments or average emoluments received during the last 10 months, which is more beneficial to Govt. servant) and gratuity to which the Govt. servant would have been entitled to on the basis of his pay on the date of his invalidment, but counting service up to the date on which he would have retired in normal course.

    The disability element for 100% disability will be equal in amount to the pay last drawn. There shall be no condition of minimum qualifying service for earning service elements. No service gratuity would be admissible. For lower percentage of disability, the disability element will be reduced proportionately.

  2. Where disability pension is allowed under these orders, no other pension will be admissible.

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