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a. List of Pensioners whose Identification is Due on SPARSH, as on 24.06.2022.       b. Form-16 for SPARSH Pesnioners is generated now for the Financial Year 2021-22 & Assessment Year 2022-23. It can be accessed from "My Documents" Section of Pensioner's Portal Account.       c. Observation of 'Cyber Jaagrookta Diwas' on first Wednesday of every month.      


Dashboard for status of month wise Commissioned Officers retires

S.N Discharge Month No of Claim Received No of PPO Issued Return Under Process Oldest Date
1. January,2020
2. February,2020
3. March,2020
4. April,2020
5. May,2020
6. June,2020
7. July,2020
8. August,2020
9. September,2020
10. October,2020
11. November,2020
12. December,2020
13. January,2021
14. February,2021
15. March,2021
16. April,2021
17. May,2021
18. June,2021
19. July,2021
20. August,2021
Total 2207 2176 30 1 2021-08-25

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