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Ex-Gratia Award in case of Death of Cadets

The Ex-gratia awards in respect of Cadets in the event of death due to causes attributable to military training shall be payable to the next of the kin depending upon his martial status.

Rate of Ex-Gratia Awards

  1. Rs. 600/- p.m. upto 31.7.1997 and thereafter @ Rs. 1275/- p.m. w.e.f. 1.8.97 to the widow /children.
  2. In case of unmarried/widower Cadet Rs. 375/- p.m. up to 31.7.1997 and thereafter @ Rs. 1275/- p.m. w.e.f. 1.8.97 to the dependent parents for life. In absence of parents, to the dependent brother(s) /un-married sister(s) in order of seniority in age till they attain the age of 25 years. In case of un-married sister(s), ex-gratia shall be stopped on her/their getting married.
  3. Ex-gratia amount of Rs. 2.5 lakhs is payable in addition where death is due to cause attributable to or aggravated by military training occurring on or after 1.8.1997.

Ex-gratia awards shall not be treated as pension for any purpose. However, dearness relief shall be payable.
The revised rate of ex-gratia awards in case of death of cadet, on or after 1.1.06.
  1. Ex gratia amount of Rs. 5 lakhs.
  2. Payment of monthly ex gratia amount of Rs. 3500/-PM.
The benenfit of monthly ex-gratia payment is also admissible to Pre 1.1.06 case as well with financial effect from 1.9.08.
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