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Addition to Qualifying Service on Superannuation in Special Circumstances

A Govt. servant who retires on superannuation from service or post (after 31.3.1960), shall be eligible to add to his service qualifying for pension (but not for any other class of pension)

the actual period not exceeding one fourth of the length of his service


the actual period by which his age at the time of recruitment exceeded 25 years.

a period of 5 years

whichever is less, if the service or post to which the Govt. servant is appointed is one:

  1. for which post graduate research, or specialist qualification or experience in scientific, technological or professional fields is essential and
  2. to which candidates of more that 25 years of age are normally recruited:

  • Provided that the affected Govt. servant has rendered qualifying service of not less than 10 years on the date of his retirement:
  • Provided further that this concession shall be admissible only if the recruitment rules contain a specific provision that the service or post is one which carried that benefit of this rule.
  • Provided also that this concession shall not be admissible to those who are eligible for counting their past service for superannuation pension unless they opt before the date of their retirement, for the weightage of service as above foregoing the counting of past service.

Model Calculation

Details of Pay Drawn during the last ten months period preceding the Date of Retirement and Average Emoluments:



Date of Birth


Date of Appointment


Date of Retirement


Qualifying Service

18 years

Weightage to be allowed


1/4th of Qualifying Service i.e. 18 r 1/44.5 years
Difference between age of 25 years and age on the date of appointment i.e. 42 years 6 days 17 years 6 days


5 years 5 years
Whichever is less 4.5 years
Total Qualifying Service after allowing weightage 18 + 4.5 = 22.5 years
Details of pay drawn during the last 10 months period and average emoluments
01.06.2000 to 31.03.2000 16,400
Pension for 33 years 8,200
Pension for 22.5 years 8200 X 22.5 /33
  5590.91 (Say Rs.5591/-pm)
Superannuation Pension @Rs.5591/-pm w.e.f 01.04.2001 for life
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