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Initiation Of Claims/ Settlement Procedure

  1. Claim for pensionary awards in respect of Defence Civilians are submitted by the respective Heads of Offices to Pr. C.D.A. (Pensions), Allahabad six months before retirement for necessary sanction and notification of the awards in the pension payment order. Pensionary awards include pension, retirement gratuity, commutation and family pension if applied. The pension is determined with reference to the last pay drawn or average of pay drawn during the period of last ten months proceeding the date of retirement whichever is beneficial. Length of qualifying service is established on the basis of annual pay verification certificate as recorded in the service book. Entries relating to pay details are also found in the service book. As such it is essential for the Head of Office to submit the service book along with the pension claim to Pr. C.D.A. (Pensions) to work out the pensionary awards.
  2. The requirement of service book in support of pension claim (IAFA-356) for sanction of pensionary awards in respect of Defence Civilians has been dispensed with. In lieu thereof a 'LPC-cum-data sheet' containing integrated information forms the basis for notification of pensionary awards. The data sheet contains all the relevant information for computing the award of pension/gratuity and consists of five parts namely service pay, commutation, family and PDA particulars
  3. The data sheet is completed by Head of Office and passed on along with the service book and pension claim to the pay audit officer viz. CDA/AAO/ LAO/RAO etc. concerned for necessary checkup
  4. The Pay Audit Officer after carrying out the requisite checks of the data sheet, particularly the entries relating to length of qualifying service and pay columns with reference to service documents, signs it under his seal and authority and forwards the same (without the service book) to the office of Pr. CDA (Pensions) for determination of pensionary awards. The service book is returned to the claim initiator Head of Office.
  5. On receipt of the pension claim in the office of Pr. CDA (Pensions), the data sheet is further subjected to a final check to ensure that it is complete in all respect. The data sheet is then sent to EDP Centre for processing and final generation of a computerised PPO.

Disqualification and procedure of appeal, if any:

  1. a. Future good conduct shall be an implied condition of every grant of Pension and its continuance.
    b. The appointing authority may by order in writing withhold or withdraw a pension or a part thereof, whether permanently or for a specified period, if the pensioner is convicted of serious crime or is found guilty of grave misconduct.
  2. Where the authority competent to pass an order under 6(1) above is president, the Union Public Service Commission shall be consulted before the order is passed.
  3. An appeal against an order under 6(1) above, passed by any authority other than the president, shall lie to the president and the president shall, in consultation with the Union Public Service Commission pass such orders on the appeal as he deems fit.

Authority to be contacted for redressal of grievances if any

The grievances relating to promotion while the employee was in service, fixation of pay, increment etc. affecting the fixation of pension which are administrative in nature, may be represented to the Head of Office where the person was serving at the time of retirement.

Where the pensioner has a complaint regarding non-payment or incorrect payment of his/her pensionary dues the matter should be settled in consultation with the pension paying authority. In case of a doubt the matter may be taken up with Audit section of the office of Pr. CDA (P), Allahabad either by the pensioner or by the PDA.

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