No. 6(1)/99/D/(Pen/Sers)

Government of India

Ministry of Defence

   New Delhi, dated the 18 March 99



            The Chief of the Army Staff,

            The Chief of the Air Staff,

            The Chief of the Naval Staff,



Sub:- Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of Fifth Central Pay Commission-Revision of enhanced family pension in cases of pre-1996 Pensioners/family pensioners.



            The undersigned is directed to say that, in pursuance of decision taken by the Government on the recommendations of Fifth Central  Pay Commission, orders regarding consolidated/revision of family pension in the case of pre-1996 pensioners/family pensioners has been issued vide Min of Defence letter no. 1(2)/97/D/(Pen/Ser)dated 24 Nov 1997, 1(3)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 27 May 1998(in respect of Officers) and 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 14 July 1998 (in respect of personnel Below Officer Rank). Revision/Consolidation of enhanced ordinary family pension admissible for a specified period as per extant rules to the eligible members of the family of deceased Armed Forces Personnel/Pensioner shall be made as follows :-


(a)            Revision of enhanced consolidated ordinary family pension in accordance with above Government letters will be necessary only in those cases where the individual was in receipt of last pay (notional pay incase of Pre-86 receipt) exceeding RS. 1500/- p.m. and who had died on or after 01.011989 and in respect of whom ordinary family pension at enhanced rate was admissible on or after 1.1.96, In case of others ordinary family pension at normal/enhanced rate will be admissible in terms of provision contained in Government letter dated 24 Nov 1997 and accordingly table appended there to could be utilized for updating their normal/enhanced ordinary family pension.

 (b)        In case of ordinary family pensioners referred to at (a) above, ordinary family pension will be consolidated/revised in terms of the Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(3)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 27 May 98 (in respect of Officers) and 1(2)/98/D(Pen/Ser) dated 14 July 1998 (in respect of personnel Below Officer Rank) subject to provisions of normal rules. The updated normal rate will become applicable from the date the family ceases ti be eligible for enhanced rate. The floor ceiling of Rs. 1275/- p.m. will also be applied separately for ordinary family pension as admissible at normal as well as enhanced rate. In no case enhanced ordinary family pension will be allowed at twice the consolidated/revised normal rate of ordinary family pension.